On this page, you will find some of the projects I have been working on over the years. Some are finished, some are in the works, and some will never be completed.



Work in progressmolecules-2014-10-26{.alignright .size-medium .wp-image-1270 width="300" height="175"} with Anders Hafreager on a molecular dynamics simulator and visualizer for desktop and mobile devices.

Developed with Qt and OpenGL.

Download it from Google Play or iTunes App Store.

Master's thesis projects

multisphere{.alignright .wp-image-1041 .size-medium width="300" height="240"}I worked three software projects for my Master's thesis, one Hartree-Fock code named Kindfield, a molecular dynamics simulator named Emdee and a set of Python tools to bridge the two with artificial neural networks, named FANN-MD.


2012-02-12_01{.alignright .size-medium .wp-image-637 width="300" height="168"}A game for Android, Ubuntu and Nokia N9 and N900 that I made with Qt some years ago.

Click the links above to download it from the different app stores.

Journey Planner for Norway

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Thumbnail{.alignright .wp-image-944 .size-full width="300" height="180"}As a hobby project I made Journey Planner for Norway for the Nokia N900 some years back, based on the open data provided by Ruter.

Maemo users may download the application here.


Below is a gallery of some 3D graphics I have made for various reasons, mostly in relation to other projects I have been working on.

Feel free to use any of the images for whatever you like as long as you follow the terms in the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.


In my current work I'm doing computational neuroscience. So I figured I should try to make some suiting 3D images. Below are illustrations of a synapse and a neuron. These are sculpted and rendered with Blender.

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In my Master's thesis, I wrote about calculations of electrostatic potentials with quantum mechanics. Below are some results for H~2~O, NH~3~ and CH~4~. They are calculated with Kindfield, turned into isosurfaces with Mayavi and exported for final rendering in Blender.

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Below I have included some other graphics I have made over the years.

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