Setting up Ubuntu SDK on Kubuntu with backports enabled

Gah... So once again my temptation to install the latest and greatest causes a conflicting system setup. This time it was my attempt at installing the Ubuntu SDK on a Kubuntu system with backports enabled that conflicted. Backports are packages that are only available to newer versions of Ubuntu rebuilt …

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Getting the latest version of Ovito for Ubuntu

Ovito is a great tool to visualize atoms from molecular dynamics simulations and to perform some statistical analysis on the data. The tool is an alternative to other similar tools such as VMD and ParaView.

[caption id="attachment_834" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Ovito{.size-large .wp-image-834 width="640" height="432"} The main …

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Set "Open containing folder" to use Dolphin and PDF files to use Okular in Firefox on Kubuntu

If you, like me, are tired of having Firefox open up Nautilus for folders and Evince for PDFs in KDE on Ubuntu, you might want to change your default application settings. To fix this once and for all, open up /usr/share/applications/defaults.list and change the line with …

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Setting up Visual Studio to compile Botan

So I'm working with Qt5 on Windows and figured that since the Qt5 SDK is currently only compiled against Visual Studio 2010, I had to figure out how to build the Botan library without using MinGW.

The build instructions for Botan are mostly complete, but lacks one vital step, namely …

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Setting up the buttons on Logitech G500 mouse in Kubuntu

I've become very happy with the Logitech G500 mouse. I like its responsiveness, the USB connection rather than wireless (no batteries, always responsive) and how it sits in my hand.

However, setting up the keys on my Kubuntu box (Ubuntu with KDE) wasn't straightforward. However, I've found a mapping that …

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Getting started with Ubuntu for phones on 12.04

What exciting news! Ubuntu is coming to phones in the near future, and they are already pushing forward for developers to get started on apps for the upcoming OS. The really great part? It is actually Ubuntu running on the phone, so making apps will be pretty much like making …

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Introducing notes.txt

After discovering todo.txt, I realized that I needed something similar for notes. About a year ago I started working on a similar tool that would enable me to write

n a Cookie recipe

which would open up an editor where I could start writing down the fantastic cookie recipe …

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Getting Canon PIXMA MP540 working in Ubuntu 12.04

Man, this has been a struggle. Getting the PIXMA MP540 to work for every new version of Ubuntu has been a lot of hit and miss. Now, with Ubuntu 12.04, the problem is back, even though Ubuntu appears to have built-in drivers. These do however print gibberish and we …

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Adjusting to the new version of Pylab and Mayavi on Ubuntu 12.04

It seems the IPython and Pylab packages has also been updated in 12.04 and thus removing the old ipython -wthread flag that would ensure Mayavi plots to be run in a separate thread. Running with the flag causes this error to show up:

[TerminalIPythonApp] Unrecognized flag: '-wthread'

Without this …

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Using the same script on installs with different EPD versions

In the newest version of Enthought's Python Distribution (EPD) on Ubuntu, the plotting package has been moved from enthought.mayavi.mlab to the shorter and more general mayavi.mlab. This does however mean that if you, like me, need to work with different versions of EPD on multiple systems, will …

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Modifying keys on a Norwegian Linux keyboard to resemble those on a Mac

A friend of mine is switching between a Mac and a Linux machine, causing some readjustment whenever he switches keyboards. The most urgent fixes were to move the curly and square braces together with the backslash and dollar sign. Basically to map the keys as follows:

ALT + 8 = [

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Installing Norwegian dictionary in TexMaker

I just came over a great LaTeX editor named TexMaker. It seems to fit my needs perfectly, with auto-complete and mapping between tex and PDF files. It does however not have a Norwegian dictionary installed, but this is easily fixed:

  1. Download the Norwegian dictionary pack from OpenOffice's dictionary list, or …

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Installing the nVidia driver in Kubuntu 12.04

Running the vanilla install of Kubuntu 12.04 worked incredibly well. It took me quite some time to notice that I was in fact using the open source noveau driver. Dual displays, desktop effects and all other first impressions worked without glitches. In fact, it was not before I tried …

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Launching apps from XBMCbuntu Eden

I just replaced an old Ubuntu install with the fresh live CD carrying XBMC. It has now been named XBMCbuntu, noting its inheritance a bit more than earlier. While running XBMCbuntu has its benefits with a pre-made nicely working setup of XBMC, it lacks direct access to applications like a …

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Nanoparticles game reviewed by Nanoparticles Blog

{.alignnone .size-large .wp-image-639 width="640" height="359"}

If you are interested in real-life nanoparticles and not just the game I made with the same name, you should check out Nanoparticles Blog. Run by Niko Bärsch, CEO of Particular GmbH, a company that is in fact making real nanoparticles and nanomaterials …

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Classical mechanics in HTML5 and Javascript

Ok, so we're working on the home exam in classical mechanics and I decided to spend some time simulating the solution of the first exercise. Probably not the wisest way to spend time during an home exam, but what the heck. I'm learning some Javascript and HTML5, plus the fact …

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Passwordless access to MySQL by using sudo

Tired of remembering root passwords for MySQL on your servers? Fear no more, help is on the way.

I'll assume that you have a Linux system set up with sudo and mysql already installed. Fire up a terminal and type

sudo su

Open up \~/.my.cnf in your favorite editor …

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Developing MPI applications in Qt Creator

I have grown very fond of the ease and usability of Qt Creator lately, making it my main tool for developing anything in C and C++. Recently I started learning the MPI framework for doing large scale parallel programming and figured I wanted to try to make MPI play along …

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Getting a headless connection to a server

I just learnt how to get a headless connection to a server before it has even booted. This gives access to LUKS and LVM, giving the oppurtunity to decrypt an encrypted hard drive. The solution was in this blog post. I also found a post about this on Stack Exchange …

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Thunderbird with Lightning on Ubuntu

I'm trying out Thunderbird with Lightning as my calendar application, but for some reason Lightning did not show up under Add-ons in Thunderbird. Instead I installed it by using the xul-ext-lightning package. However, this ended up with all options in Lightning grayed out. To fix this I had to install …

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Nanoparticles available for Android and Mac OS X

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As mentioned in the post about Nanoparticles for Android being just around the corner, I have been able to port Nanoparticles by using the Qt port for Android enabled by the Necessitas project.

That's why you can download Nanoparticles from Android market right …

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Deploy Qt applications for Mac OS X

This turned out to be really simple. I was trying to create a Mac OS X version of my game, Nanoparticles, and was having trouble with some flicker when running a QGraphicsView with OpenGL. The solution turned out to simply be to disable some style sheet settings that I didn't …

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Nanoparticles for Android is just around the corner

Thanks to the great work of Bogdan Vatra and the Qt Developers working on Lighthouse, I have finally been able to create a running version of Nanoparticles on Android. Their efforts have led to the Necessitas project, a very user friendly and working port of Qt to Android.

I've only …

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Bookmarks in terminal

Today I found a great tool to ease the navigation in terminal, called apparix. It lets you bookmark a folder so that you easily can navigate to it just by typing

to nameofbookmark

To install apparix in Ubuntu, type

sudo apt-get install apparix

in a terminal window.

After installation you …

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RewriteRule in .htaccess not working for cURL

For some strange reason I have experienced on one server that the RewriteRule in .htaccess is not working for cURL via the command line. The fix has been to add a User-Agent line to the header of the cURL command, like this:

curl --head --header "User-Agent: blablabla" …

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Fixing the volume treshold and intervals in Ubuntu on Dell XPS M1330

So the new Ubuntu version is finally out and as with every other time I've been upgrading from one version of Ubuntu to a new one, I keep forgetting how to fix the sound issue on the Dell XPS M1330. It is no big issue, really. It is simply that …

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Nanoparticles available for Nokia N9

Finally the N9 is here. And so is Nanoparticles for the Nokia N9. You can over to Nokia Store to get a copy right now:

Download Nanoparticles

You can read more about Nanoparticles and download it for other platforms on this page.

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How to get things done with todo.txt

The simple answer to how you get things done is to actually do them. However, to do things in an organized manner is more easily said than done. Why? Because it is way too easy to drift away with less important stuff when you're supposed to do anything you have …

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Forgot that LaTeX symbol? Use Detexify to find it for you

I just came over this website called Detexify that helps you figure out the name of a symbol based on your drawing of it. With most the symbols I tested, it managed to suggest correctly the symbol I was trying to draw. Quite impressive, and very useful! …

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Norwegian keyboard on the N950

The N950 is delivered with a keyboard without Norwegian keys, so I decided to map holding the function/arrow key and pressing comma (,), period (.) or asterix (*) to ø, æ and å, respectively.

I you are Norwegian and just want this to work straight away, you can do the following on …

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