Recent commit causes Qt3D to fail compilation

A recent commit pushed to the Qt3D repository breaks building Qt3D against Qt version 5.2 and older with the following error message:

painting\qglpainter.cpp:2348:29: error: 'class QOpenGLFunctions' has no member named 'glReadPixels'

Thankfully, rolling back to an older commit still works. Just supply the following command after pulling the Qt3D repository:

git checkout d3338a9 -b older_version

This should enable you to compile Qt3D for Qt5.2 and earlier.

LaTeX It! (and a new blog)

Together with my good friend, Mikael, I’ve started a blog about physics, chemistry, maths and technology over at Some of my postings over there will be dual posted here. Especially those about technical notes and tutorials. This is the first one, about LaTeX equations in Thunderbird.

If you are using Thunderbird for e-mail and want to send mathematical formulas to your contacts, you should consider the LaTeX It! plugin or the Equations plugin. The former requires you to have LaTeX and ImageMagick installed, while Equations uses an external server to generate your images.

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Internal licensing error

What do you say? Is there something wrong with the internal license? Well, just change the name of that client, and we’ll be alright!

Welcome to the world of connecting an Ubuntu computer to a Windows Server. The later years this has become quite easy, but this summer the University of Oslo has upgraded its servers. And with a new version of Windows, there is bound to be new problems on the way.

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