Installing Norwegian dictionary in TexMaker

I just came over a great LaTeX editor named TexMaker. It seems to fit my needs perfectly, with auto-complete and mapping between tex and PDF files. It does however not have a Norwegian dictionary installed, but this is easily fixed:

  1. Download the Norwegian dictionary pack from OpenOffice’s dictionary list, or use this direct link.
  2. Unpack the zip file and unpack the file inside this again.
  3. Open up TexMaker > Options > Configure Texmaker
    (It is under Preferences if you are using Mac)
  4. Go to Editor and click the folder icon to browse to your nb_NO.dic file.
  5. TexMaker should now use the Norwegian dictionary.


LaTeX It! (and a new blog)

Together with my good friend, Mikael, I’ve started a blog about physics, chemistry, maths and technology over at Some of my postings over there will be dual posted here. Especially those about technical notes and tutorials. This is the first one, about LaTeX equations in Thunderbird.

If you are using Thunderbird for e-mail and want to send mathematical formulas to your contacts, you should consider the LaTeX It! plugin or the Equations plugin. The former requires you to have LaTeX and ImageMagick installed, while Equations uses an external server to generate your images.

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