Nanoparticles available for Android and Mac OS X

As mentioned in the post about Nanoparticles for Android being just around the corner, I have been able to port Nanoparticles by using the Qt port for Android enabled by the Necessitas project.

That’s why you can download Nanoparticles from Android market right now:

Download Nanoparticles from Android Market

In addition, I have been working on a Mac OS X port. This is still somewhat in an early stage, but should work on most machines. You can download the Mac OS X port for free here.

Both these version include the new party mode with new particles and new game rules. This should give you many more hours of fun particle-based gameplay.

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        1. Strange. That is a very odd bug. Seems like the particles’ velocity get set to zero for some unknown reason. I’ll have to test it some more on a Mac when I get the time.

          And sorry about the late reply. I completely forgot to respond.

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