Making new image in Gimp same size as clipboard

Have you ever tried to copy an image in Gimp and open a new image to paste it into? Then you’ve probably noticed that the size of that new image isn’t automatically adjusted to the size of the image in your clipboard – like it is in Photoshop or in earlier versions of Gimp.

However, a new and simpler feature has replaced the automatic image size in Gimp. That is “Paste into image”. This is easily done by going to Edit -> Paste as -> New Image, as you see in the screenshot below, or simply by pressing Ctrl + Shift + V.

How to paste into a new image with the same size as your clipboard.
How to paste into a new image with the same size as your clipboard.

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13 thoughts on “Making new image in Gimp same size as clipboard”

  1. How does one make a clipboard in Gimp? Being as one does not just simply Google it with out getting pages among pages of un-related topics and the Gimp help page won’t clarify how to a clipboard either.

  2. “New and simplier”. This is the whole problem with GIMP… they take an important feature and hide it somewhere just to be sure that nobody finds it easily.

    When I intend to work on a new image, regardless of what I have in my clipboard I am still creating a NEW IMAGE. This is why I am looking for “new” and not “paste”… and now that “new and simplier” feature requires me to remember that in order to create new file I have to use “paste as” function.

    Fantastic idea.

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